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Spillman Flex

Spillman’s flagship product, Flex, offers public safety agencies across the country integrated, real-time data through robust RMS, CAD, JMS, mobile data and field reporting, and crime analysis with CompStat software. From true software integration to unrivaled customer service, Spillman provides agencies with the powerful tools needed to serve and protect their communities. With more than 50 interconnected modules, Flex customers receive products engineered for optimal integration and customization, while still benefiting from off-the-shelf pricing.

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Responder Alert

A lot can happen in thirty seconds. When facing a dangerous situation, there is not always time for an officer to call for backup. That’s where Responder Alert comes in. The Responder Alert technology uses a series of sensors to automatically inform the command center that a situation has escalated, without the officer needing to take further action. This can help quicken response time from other personnel and even save lives.

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Spillman Nova

Spillman’s cloud-based platform, Nova, is designed to bring all of the benefits of fully integrated RMS, CAD, JMS, and reporting software to small public safety agencies. Affordable, scalable, and completely mobile, Nova provides personnel with instant, easy access to all of their agency’s data on any device with an internet connection, without the hassle of maintaining servers or upgrading software.

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