A System of the Future Being Used Today

LOGAN, UT, April 20, 1998 – Would you like your agency to have a multi exchange capability with other agencies in your state? Vermont has accomplished this with the help of SPILLMAN Public Safety Software system. For the past six years the State of Vermont has been an example for other states on gathering important information that NCIC/State systems do not capture.

The Vermont Incident Based Reporting System or (VIBRS), is the name of the wide area network that supports the Spillman Records Management system and is currently operating in 53 sites, which include all state police departments, attorneys' offices, and the academy/training facility in Vermont. The Vermont Department of Public Safety manages the VIBRS network. The Department receives input from an advisory board that consists of a representative group of users. This advisory board is a guide for the decisions made in regards to situations that need the assistance of the Spillman application modules. Such decisions include, network problems, which SPILLMAN modules to buy for expansion, and surveys for users to fill out to find out how effective the SPILLMAN software is working for these agencies specific needs. Francis Aumund, the Superintendent for the State of Vermont, and the directory of the Vermont advisory board says this concerning today's public safety issues, Providing real time information to the criminal justice professional is crucial to meeting today's public safety needs. The Spillman software packages offer Vermont the opportunity for the sharing of current data on incidents that occur throughout the state, and it allows police managers to receive current statistical information for better decision making.”

Of the 67 law enforcement agencies in Vermont 31 are on the VIBRS network (all consisting of state police departments)…having access to the SPILLMAN Public Safety Software system. These departments represent the largest police agencies in the state. Eighty percent of the total number of police officers in the state is using the Spillman CAD/RM system. Each of these agencies work on one platform that is fully integrated; thus, providing the flexibility to expand with new users. This multiple agency exchange software is the key for the State of Vermont in expanding its communication with as many law enforcement agencies as possible.

According to Max Schlueter; the System Administrator for the Criminal History Database for the State of Vermont, says the key to statewide data on real-time is the use of CAD; which the SPILLMAN system offers. CAD is the mechanism for providing statewide data to law enforcement, media and customers.

Max Schlueter also stated, by purchasing SPILLMAN'S Mobile Data Computer (MDC Rover), the mobile user can remotely interact with his/her agency's main SPILLMAN Public Safety Software system using a notebook computer. The MDC Module enables the mobile user to query the applicable state database, the SPILLMAN database, and engage in real-time communication with other mobile users, stations, and participate in voiceless” dispatch operations.

For the future it is Vermont's goal to provide a common platform for which all law incident records can be maintained, along with a common hardware platform to allow all criminal justice agencies to integrate and share their information.

About SPILLMAN Public Safety Software

SPILLMAN Public Safety Software is a turnkey application utilizing a UNIX operating system and offering 30 different modules covering varying applications. The software is fully integrated, and has multi-user and multi-jurisdictional capabilities. Specifically designed for public safety agencies, SPILLMAN software is completely integrated as one relational database system and requires no special interfaces between modules. SPILLMAN provides powerful search capabilities, allowing the user to bring up a host of related information simply by searching on one field or a group of fields. Features such as context sensitive on-line help, lookup” windows, function keys, agency-defined code tables, menus, and multiple screen displays provide user with an efficient, user-friendly data management environment. SPILLMAN also provides superior training and support.

About Spillman Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1976, privately held Spillman Technologies, Inc. is a rapidly-growing developer of innovative,
public safety software applications. The company's SPILLMAN Public Safety Software system has been chosen by law enforcement agencies in 34 states. The Logan, UT- based company is one of the leaders in public safety software market. For more information visit Spillman's web site at www.spillman.com.