Tuscaloosa PD has Found a New Best Friend

LOGAN, UT, March 8, 1999- In July of 1998, Tuscaloosa PD in Alabama signed contracts with Spillman Technologies Inc. to install 10 new Rover MDC's, with 15 more units scheduled for installation later this summer. PC Mobile was chosen for the laptops. Installation of the first 10 MDC's is set for March 1999.

Tuscaloosa PD has been a Spillman customer since 1994 and has several of the SPILLMAN modules, which include CAD, E911, Pawned Property, DBI Fingerprint Interface, External Communications, Video Imaging, Law Records, Fire Records, EMS Records, Personnel Management, and Evidence. Billy Duncan, Captain at Tuscaloosa PD said one of the reasons this agency chose Rover MDC was to enhance and expand their public safety software package. Rover not only provides the patrol personnel access to the SPILLMAN system, located at headquarters, but also allows them to remotely interact with State and National databases from their patrol vehicles.

Rover MDC was also chosen for the functionality it provides. Each patrol personnel now has the capability to engage in real-time messaging with other mobile units and the station, receive directions to locations along with reasons for an arrest, names connected with a specific crime, and they also participate in voiceless” dispatch operations directly from their cruiser. Plus, Rover MDC is user friendly and easy to understand. Captain Duncan is excited for this new addition to their public safety system. He says, Rover MDC is the best tool that we have provided to our patrol personnel to do their job.”

Tuscaloosa PD operates with two primary radio frequencies, one for NCIC operations and one for dispatching calls for service. During peak hours these frequencies become quite congested which causes a backlog in services. Captain Duncan stated that by having these MDC's available, more radio time will be freed up since the officers can perform wanted searches on people and property from the field without having to go through dispatch. This will allow the dispatchers to devote more time to quality control. To have State, National and local information available at a patrolman's fingertips is incredible. Captain Duncan anticipates radio traffic to be reduced by 40% once the MDC's are fully implemented. Another great feature of Rover is the availability to view mug shots in the field.

Bell South Wireless was chosen as Tuscaloosa PD's wireless data communications connection. Bell South Wireless has helped a vast range of businesses eliminate their barrier between critical information and mobile users. Bell South Wireless has provided this agency with increased efficiency, lower costs, and a high performance level for mobile data solutions. In testing Bell South Wireless in use with the MDC Rover, sending small packets of information from the station to the cruiser was accomplished without error, providing superior wireless service.

Tuscaloosa PD's decision to take a step up in the performance of communication technology has given them immediate benefits. By joining in partnership with Spillman's MDC Rover and Bell South Wireless, this agency has been given a
crucial competitive advantage. Spillman Technologies and Bell South, have worked diligently to ensure that Tuscaloosa PD's expectations were met.

About SPILLMAN Public Safety Software

SPILLMAN Public Safety Software is a turnkey application utilizing a UNIX operating system and offering 30 different modules covering varying applications. The software is fully integrated, and has multi-user and multi-jurisdictional capabilities. Specifically designed for public safety agencies, SPILLMAN software is completely integrated as one relational database system and requires no special interfaces between modules. SPILLMAN provides powerful search capabilities, allowing the user to bring up a host of related information simply by searching on one field or a group of fields. Features such as context sensitive on-line help, lookup” windows, function keys, agency-defined code tables, menus, and multiple screen displays provide users with an efficient, user-friendly data management environment. SPILLMAN also provides superior training and support.

About Spillman Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1976, privately held Spillman Technologies, Inc. is a rapidly-growing developer of innovative,
public safety software applications. The company's SPILLMAN Public Safety Software system has been chosen by law enforcement agencies in 34 states. The Logan, UT- based company is one of the leaders in the public safety software market. For more information, visit Spillman's web site at www.spillman.com.