Vilas County Saves a Life with the Help of Technology

LOGAN, UT-The communications center for Vilas County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin, with the help of its software system from Spillman Technologies, was able to prevent a local man from committing suicide.

A call screener from the local psychiatric hospital in Vilas County took a call from a man who was threatening to commit suicide. The man would not identify himself or his location. With the help of call identification, the call screener had the man's cell phone number and passed it along to the communications dispatch center at the Vilas County Sheriff's Office.

The dispatcher who took the call immediately searched on the Spillman systems' contact screen under the phone number field. Due to an earlier call with an unrelated incident this man had called in, Vilas County had already created a name record for this individual. Thus the cell phone number was found and the dispatcher was able to reference this man's name record to locate his whereabouts. Vilas County Sheriffs' personnel were able to respond to this incident and talk the man out of committing suicide. Through Spillman's Involvements screen which tracks name information and any additional incidents associated with a particular name, the dispatcher was also able to locate the name and whereabouts of the man's girlfriend to ensure her safety as well.

Lt. Gary Peske, Communications Supervisor for Vilas County, credits dispatch training and the Spillman system for the successful outcome of this incident. Because of proper training, the man was located within a few seconds of searching on his cell phone number. Lt. Peske said, If it weren't for the searchability and integration of our Spillman system, our dispatcher would not have been able to track down this man. We have never had such great searching capabilities in past systems as we have had with the Spillman system.”

Vilas County has been a Spillman user since 1997 and currently uses Spillman computer modules including Records Management, Computer-aided Dispatch, Mapping, Geobase, Evidence, Jail Management, Barcoding, Mugshot Imaging, Personnel and more.