Pima County goes Mobile with Help from Spillman Technologies

LOGAN, UT, January 8, 2002–Pima County in Arizona signed a $359, 987 contract in September of 2000 to purchase Rover MDC from Spillman Technologies. Rover MDC is Spillman's mobile data computer application. The contract calls for the installation of Rover MDC in 100 patrol units.

Sgt. Byron Gwalpney of Pima County stated, We have used Spillman software since 1990 and we wanted to have a mobile application that integrates with our current system. Rover integrates seamlessly and is a big asset to Pima County. We have been using Rover for the last few months and it is amazing what type of information you have access to from right inside the patrol car. Our officers are able to get work done not only faster, but while they're still in the field. Rover has been a great addition to our current system.”

With Rover MDC, Pima County officers can query their state and agency databases for name, vehicle, property, and firearms information. Because Rover MDC uses wireless dispatch technology, officers can receive live dispatch calls from the Computer-Aided Dispatch screen and update their statuses without using a radio. Rover MDC's large fonts enable officers to easily view information even while the vehicle is moving.

About SPILLMAN Public Safety Software

SUMMIT Public Safety Software is a turnkey application that uses a UNIX operating system and offers more than 30 modules covering various applications. Featuring a client/server application with a Microsoft Windows client written in Java. SUMMIT is fully integrated, and has multi-user and multi-jurisdictional capabilities. Specifically designed for public safety agencies, SUMMIT software is completely integrated as one relational database system and requires no special interfaces between modules. SUMMIT provides powerful search capabilities, allowing the user to bring up a host of related information simply by searching on one or more fields. SUMMIT combines standard Microsoft Windows features such as keyboard and mouse functionality, navigation buttons, function keys, drop-down lists, and the simultaneous display of multiple screens. SUMMIT menus and agency-defined code tables, provide an efficient, user-friendly environment for managing data.

About Spillman Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1976, privately held Spillman Technologies, Inc. is a rapidly-growing developer of innovative and powerful public safety software applications. The company's SUMMIT Public Safety Software system has been chosen by law enforcement agencies in 34 states. The Logan, UT- based company is a leader in the public safety software market and provides superior training and support. For more information visit Spillman's web site at www.spillman.com.