Spillman Releases Summit 4.1

LOGAN, Utah – March 8, 2005 – Spillman Technologies, a leader in providing public safety software and solutions, announces the release of Summit 4.1. This powerful new version includes enhancements to computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mapping, imaging, communication and reporting features.

The new features in Summit 4.1 make the software more user-friendly for our clients,” said Alan Harker, Spillman Product Line Manager. The enhancements will help protect officers in the field, decrease the amount of time agencies spend with software management and increase the amount of time emergency personnel can devote to incident management and resolution. “

Summit 4.1 includes several mapping, imaging, communication and CAD enhancements, making it easier for public safety officials to complete their jobs under critical deadlines,” added Harker.
New Summit 4.1 features include:

Improved Mapping Capabilities
New mapping abilities allow users to display aerial photographs under maps so dispatchers and mobile units can identify landmarks en route to an incident. Distance measuring tools and street tracing capabilities give exact distance between two map points, and dispatchers can set up and save specific map configurations. In addition, the new Locate Coordinate Tool lets dispatchers identify locations using latitude and longitude coordinates, making GPS tracking available. Finally, the new Hotlinks feature makes it possible to link items to maps, like webcam links or building floor plans.

Integrated Real Time Message Center
The ability to communicate silently using instant messaging capabilities is no longer exclusive to the Mobile solution group, but has been integrated into the entire Summit system. Anyone on the Spillman 4.1 system, like dispatchers, patrol supervisors, or police chiefs, can communicate with mobile patrol units in real time, silently, ensuring the safety of officers in the field by protecting them from radio eavesdropping.

Audible alerts help keep dispatchers organized by indicating when a new call comes in, when call comments are updated, when responding units take longer than they should and when an incoming call expires, using different sounds. The audio files can be easily customized by different agencies.

Imaging Capabilities
Enhanced imaging features allow agencies to use photographs to create Wanted” and Missing Person” posters, inmate wristbands and employee nametags.

Database Enhancements
New parameters provide users with a colorful, visual alert when they are in different modes, such as Search, Add Records, or Modify Records. This helps reduce the number of database errors that occur when individuals make changes to the database because they mistakenly believe they are in a different mode. In addition, any type of file can now be attached to any record in the database, including pictures, text documents, websites, etc.

Automatic Comment Linkage
Comments on new incident records are now automatically linked with the law incident record, eliminating the need for dispatchers to manually link the comments or the need for other officers and investigators to manually look up the CAD record in order to view comments.

Dispatching Units for Backup
Dispatchers can now more easily dispatch a backup unit to an incident. This new feature reduces the time it takes to dispatch a backup unit by eliminating the need to identify the incident number that the first unit was sent to. Dispatch can now indicate backup by unit number, rather than manually looking up the original incident record or number.

New Report Formats
XML-based formats now allow users to create and print reports that are more visually appealing. This includes the ability to embed photographs, logos and drawings, and to enhance text with different font sizes, bold, italics and underlining.

NFIRS Reporting
With Summit 4.1 it is now possible for system formatted reports and queries to be used in the NFIRS module. Agencies can create and print their own reports and queries in this module.

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, and Resource Management solutions. The software is installed at more than 500 agencies nationwide.