Spillman Releases Mobile 4.1

LOGAN, Utah – August 1, 2005 – Spillman Technologies, a leading provider of public safety software solutions, has released its new Mobile 4.1 software.

The new features will improve a mobile officer's ability to operate software in the field, as well as an agency's ability to communicate with mobile patrol.

Major enhancements include:
InSight Queries Integrated with the Message Center
Queries performed using InSight™, Spillman's regional data sharing product, are now integrated with the Summit Message Center, replacing the need for a separate InSight client for Spillman customers who use the Message Center. This feature will be available in the Message Center included with Summit 4.5, which is scheduled for release this Fall.

Mobile Data Archiving
This feature provides reports to allow mslog” records to be archived and deleted. All messages from the Message Center are logged in the mslog” table, which causes the table to grow rapidly and requires regular maintenance to keep it from becoming too large. With the new feature, archiving and deleting will be simplified, so the table will require less maintenance. The tools for deleting records in the mslog” table are similar to those used for radio logs and SyLog.

Limited Returned Involvements
Users can now set a limit on the number of involvement records that are sent to the Mobile client, along with a way to retrieve additional involvements if desired. In cases where a record has several involvements, receiving that information can slow down the mobile user. This feature will allow users to regulate the number of involvements shown automatically, to keep mobile applications running quickly.

Updated Mobile Mapping
Several changes were made to Summit 4.1 mapping, and those changes have now been incorporated into Mobile 4.1. They include the ability to display aerial photographs under maps so mobile officers can identify landmarks en route to an incident. Colored polygons provide a quick visual display of jurisdictional boundaries, distance measuring tools and street tracing capabilities give exact distance between two map points, and specific map configurations can be saved. In addition, the new Locate Coordinate Tool allows users to identify locations using latitude and longitude coordinates, making GPS tracking available. Finally, the Hotlinks feature makes it possible to link items to maps, like webcam links or building floor plans.

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, and Resource Management. The software is installed at more than 550 agencies nationwide.