Spillman Releases Summit 4.5

LOGAN, Utah – August 19, 2005 – Spillman Technologies announces the release of Summit 4.5, an enhanced solution that brings together all of the company's public safety applications into one easy-to-use collection.

The new release offers dual-platform capability, supporting both Unix and Windows operating systems. Summit 4.5 for Unix is available immediately and the Windows version will be available in late September.

Summit 4.5 adds a host of exciting new features, ” said Product Line Manager Ben Godfrey. These include a new workflow system that provides real-time feedback to responsible individuals and their supervisors; a fully integrated message center to perform local, regional and national database queries with a single click; and a stunning new user interface that makes using the product easy and efficient.”

Summit 4.5 enhancements include:

Redesigned User Interface
Summit 4.5 has been completely redesigned to increase efficiency through an updated user interface. It now includes a high-contrast color scheme to improve screen viewing, large icons to facilitate touch-screen use, night mode” feature to improve safety in mobile units or for use in low light environments, and simplified one-click access to master names, vehicle and property tables from any screen in the system. Many modules also contain standard menus that provide quick access to hundreds of pre-formatted and agency-customized reports.

CAD Enhancements
Enhancements to the CAD module are designed to make the software more efficient and easy to use for dispatchers in mission-critical situations. The Quick CAD Commands feature allows users to enter common CAD commands at the command line without Accepting” dialog windows. Call takers and dispatchers can more efficiently enter and share call information using In-Progress CAD Calls, which allows dispatchers to refresh the view” window to see new comments, and automatically scrolls to the latest entry, showing field officers the most recent dispatch information. Finally, the Quick Traffic Stops enhancement allows dispatchers to assign an officer to a traffic stop and run queries more efficiently by suppressing dialog windows and entering commands completely at the command line.

Workflow and Approvals Management
The new customized workflow management system helps agencies of all sizes manage their workflow and approval process, whether it is three steps or thirty. Supervisors can track the status of reports and notify individuals when changes need to be made, and individual users can view and organize records assigned to them, all through the Integrated Command Center.

Integrated Message Center
Once logged in, users can view a snapshot” of agency happenings from the Today screen, which includes updates on new alerts such as ATLs, BOLOs, or Amber Alerts within a jurisdiction, new messages in an individual's message center, new query returns that have been added since the user logged off, and important agency announcements such as schedule changes.

System Enhancements
Spillman 's system is inherently designed to make software management and use more convenient with a simplified login process, spell check features, indexed online help center accessible from any web browser, regional lookup functions that improve state and federal search accuracy, and more.

InSight and State Link Integration
Spillman 's multi-jurisdictional data sharing product, InSight, and the Summit State Link module are now fully integrated with the Summit Message Center. This allows users to run local, state, and regional queries with a single search, eliminating the time and hassle required to perform separate searches in every available database. Search returns are displayed in the message center for easy access and reference. Both State Link and InSight are purchased as separate modules in the Spillman system.

New Crime Analysis Solutions
The release of 4.5 includes Spillman's first crime analysis module – Pin Mapping. This module allows agencies to track and examine trends, patterns, and relationships for crimes and incidents within a jurisdiction. Simply entering search criteria to identify data sets of interest will produce a map with data plotted visually for scrutiny and analysis. Additional crime analysis modules are expected in future software releases.

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, and Resource Management. The software is installed at more than 550 agencies nationwide.