Three Agencies in Washington State Choose Spillman Software

LOGAN, UT, December 7, 1998 –Three agencies in the state of Washington recently purchased new law enforcement software packages. Island County, Pend Oreille County and San Juan County. Although in the same state, they all had distinct individual needs. One thing they all agreed on was that it would be best for their agencies to purchase a comprehensive and integrated system from one vendor. They all chose Spillman Technologies, Inc.

San Juan County Sheriff's Department opted for a smaller streamlined system that included a complete CAD system with Geobase, CAD Mapping, State Link, Records Management and Traffic Citation/Information. Pend Oreille County Communications Center purchased a larger system with similar modules and also included Evidence, Civil Process, Licenses & Permits and several others. Island County Communications Center, with the largest population of the three, was looking for a system similar to Pend Oreille's but also wanted a Jail Management package to track inmates. Spillman Technologies, Inc. provided a system designed around each County's needs.

Spillman Technologies, Inc. implemented a unique system for each of these three agencies. With so many modules available, configuring a system to meet the specific needs of each agency is one of our strong points” states Kip Winget, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

The Spillman System is built around a hub, similar to a hub on a wheel with many attached spokes. It has 30 modules (spokes) that can be added and configured at any time to meet almost any need. All of the spokes are fully integrated throughout the hub. The Hub contains four main tables. Names, vehicles, property and warrants. When any record in a table is modified from any module in the system, it is automatically updated in the hub. The data is then available to any and all attached modules, thus eliminating dual entry or duplication of data. Every bit of information on an individual from arrest warrants to property owned to history, is easily and instantly accessible.

About SPILLMAN Public Safety Software

SPILLMAN Public Safety Software is a turnkey system covering varying applications. The software is fully integrated, and has multi-user and multi-jurisdictional capabilities. Specifically designed for public safety agencies, SPILLMAN software is completely integrated as one relational database system and requires no special interfaces between modules. SPILLMAN provides powerful search capabilities, allowing the user to bring up a host of related information simply by searching on any one field or a group of fields. Features such as context sensitive on-line help, lookup” windows, function keys, agency-defined code tables, menus, and multiple screen displays provide users with an efficient, user-friendly data management environment.

About Spillman Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1976, privately held Spillman Technologies, Inc. is a rapidly growing developer of innovative and powerful public safety software applications. The company's SPILLMAN Public Safety Software system has been chosen by more than 350 law enforcement agencies in 34 states. The Logan, UT- based company is a leader in the public safety software market and provides superior training and support. For more information visit Spillman's web site at