Spillman Technologies Releases New Software

SALT LAKE CITY – November 10, 2006 – Spillman Technologies announces the release of Spillman 4.6 and Mobile 4.2, offering dispatch centers and law enforcement officers innovative tools to improve response time.

Spillman 4.6, the public safety data software formerly called Summit, improves the primary functions carried out by dispatch personnel and enables communications centers to manage high-call volume and respond to emergencies with precision.

Spillman 4.6 continues to lead the industry with dramatic improvements for agencies with units that perform multiple functions,” said Alan Harker, dispatch product line manager at Spillman. If the closest unit to a call can perform both basic life support and advanced life support, there's no need to recommend a second unit. When agencies specify what functions a unit can perform concurrently, Spillman 4.6 will only recommend the units necessary to get the job done, saving time, money and confusion.”

The Mobile 4.2 release provides law enforcement officers with greater access to records data while in the field. Officers can quickly obtain information on accidents and citations, field interviews, arrests and bookings, and warrants. The software can also determine which unit is closest to a call and should respond to the scene.

The Quickest Route feature in Mobile 4.2 gives field officers turn-by-turn directions to their assigned call the moment a call is dispatched,” said Ben Godfrey, research and design manager at Spillman. This system gives new officers and seasoned veterans the assistance they need to ensure the fastest possible on-scene arrival.”

In addition, Mobile 4.2 supports the Microsoft Windows© XP operating system.

Spillman 4.6 features include:

Quickest Route*
Spillman 4.6 can accurately calculate the total drive time to reach a call by taking into account one-way streets, speed limits, temporary road closures, weather, and traffic conditions. Instead of dispatching by proximity only, actual drive time is calculated to recommend units that can arrive on scene first. Dispatched units can display the quickest route with full turn-by-turn directions.

Recommend Units with Concurrent Functions
Enhancements allow the Spillman system to recommend a unit to perform multiple functions on a single call. When recommending units, the system will check to see if a selected unit can perform additional functions required for the call. If so, other units will not be recommended, increasing the efficiency of an agency's dispatch operations. An agency can also customize its concurrent unit functions.

Map Exports for Presentations
Documenting crime information is now more convenient with the image export option in Spillman 4.6 that allows an agency to save a pin map graphic as an image file for use in presentations, reports, and other applications.

Water Source Coordinates
New X- and Y-coordinate fields in the system's water sources table enable agencies to enter the exact location of water sources. The coordinates can be mapped to allow for quick reference and location of the water source. Because source locations rarely match an address, this functionality offers precise identification for any water source.

Operating Cost Criteria
Spillman's Computer-Aided Dispatch system now associates operating costs with recommended units, enabling an agency to be more cost-effective. The operating cost of a unit can be added to the list of criteria considered when recommending a unit. For example, some units are far more expensive to operate and are only used when required. Adding cost information ensures that the least expensive unit is utilized when available.

Mobile 4.2 features include:

Quickest Route*
Spillman 4.6 enables dispatched units to instantly view the quickest route to a call including full turn-by-turn directions and a compass display. This feature improves response time and increases officer safety. Field personnel can create a route by dragging and dropping start and end points on the map.

Involvements™ Details
Mobile 4.2 allows an agency to view Involvements, or associated information connected to a record, from a patrol vehicle. This gives field officers complete access to virtually all system data. An officer can view details of different types of records, including accidents, arrests, CAD calls, citations, field interviews, traffic stops, and all other Involvements records.

Emergency Panic Button
Officer safety is increased with the addition of an emergency button located on the Mobile solution toolbar. In emergency situations, a field officer can press the button and immediately notify all mobile units that assistance is needed, generating a pop-up alert similar to an ATL or BOLO. The alert window lists the issuing officer's assigned call, address responded to, current status, and location coordinates. Responding Mobile users can hyperlink to call details or map coordinates directly from the alert window.

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, Resource Management, and Data Sharing. The software is installed at more than 600 agencies nationwide.

*Quickest Route is available through the optional AVL Mapping module. Clients currently using the AVL Mapping module should talk to their account managers about purchasing Quickest Route.