New system to help Sheridan PD focus on Safety

SHERIDAN, Wyo. – September 26, 2007 – In an effort to secure information and eliminate duplicate data entries, the Sheridan Police Department will adopt an innovative software system from Spillman Technologies.

The department has selected Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Communications, and Law Records solutions from Spillman, a leading public safety software company headquartered in Salt Lake City. The Sheridan Police Department plans to have the system in operation by the beginning of 2008.

The department's current software is aging, difficult to use, and has started to corrupt the agency's data files, said the Sheridan Police Department's support services manager, Jenifer Shassetz. After two years of researching law enforcement software options, the department decided to switch to Spillman solutions.

Spillman was noted as a leader when we originally purchased our current software, and has since grown in number of users in the State of Wyoming,” Shassetz said. With the new system, our staff can concentrate more on our No. 1 concern, making sure the citizens of Sheridan are safe and their needs are being dealt with.”

Spillman's CAD solution will help the department better serve nearly 16,000 residents of Sheridan and the 190,000 tourists that visit the city each year. The system will allow dispatchers to enter names, addresses, and other data into the system once. When the same data is needed it will automatically populate into other fields. The department will be able to use Spillman's Insight system to share data with neighboring agencies such as the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office.

Shassetz said department personnel are eagerly awaiting the new, more user-friendly software.

Currently, our staff spends a lot of time just trying to get information from one point to another, while making sure that information is the same as when it went into the system,” she said.

By eliminating the need for duplicate entries, Spillman's CAD solution will help the Sheridan Police Department decrease errors in its database. Officers will be able to use Spillman's Mobile solution to access information in the field and create reports from their patrol units.

We're very pleased to be able to assist the Sheridan Police Department with its dispatch, records, and mobile technology needs,” said Joe Lunt, vice president of sales and marketing for Spillman Technologies. We are confident that Spillman's system will help the Sheridan Police Department meet the unique law enforcement needs of its community.”

The police department joins 21 other public safety agencies in Wyoming and more than 700 agencies across the county currently using Spillman solutions.

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, Resource Management, and Data Sharing.