Florida State University PD Implements New Software

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Nov. 19, 2007 – To help protect students and visitors, the Florida State University Police Department is implementing a new public safety software system.

The department chose dispatch and records solutions from Spillman Technologies, a leading public safety software provider headquartered in Salt Lake City. Chief David L. Perry said the agency was impressed by the versatility and reliability of Spillman products.

The Florida State University Police Department is excited to partner with Spillman Technologies, which is a clear leader in law enforcement solutions for the challenges we face today and tomorrow,” he said.

The department plans to go live with the new system in November. Perry said they will use Spillman's Integrated Hub, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution, and Law Records module to help safeguard the campus, which is located in downtown Tallahassee and receives numerous visitors each year.

Persons not affiliated with the university often find their way onto campus,” Perry said. Most are polite and mean no harm, while others seek crimes of opportunity related to vandalism and theft. Keeping the right people on our campus and the wrong people off is a constant challenge.”

Using CAD, dispatchers will be able to easily track and manage calls. The Law Records module will allow agency personnel to generate incident reports and keep comprehensive histories on complainants, victims, offenders and more.

Perry said the department selected Spillman primarily for its excellent record of customer service. The agency's current software system is slow, he said, and customer support is often unavailable.

These problems were unacceptable, taking into account that we deal with life or death situations on a daily basis,” Perry said. Spillman was able to provide references from dozens of customers who were satisfied with the customer service and the level of commitment displayed by the company.”

The Florida State University Police Department will become one of six agencies in Florida and more than 700 agencies across the country currently using Spillman software. In addition to Spillman's Hub, Records, and CAD modules, the department is also adopting Spillman's Traffic Information and State Link modules as well as the Florida UCR state form.

By implementing advanced software solutions for dispatch and records management, the Florida State University Police Department is making huge strides in campus safety,” said Joe Lunt, Spillman's vice president of sales and marketing. We look forward to providing the reliability they need in a software vendor.”

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, Resource Management, and Data Sharing.