Cedaredge PD adopts Spillman software

SALT LAKE CITY – August 4, 2008 – The Cedaredge Police Department will be able to share information with neighboring agencies and improve investigations with new software from Spillman Technologies.

Officers will be able to easily track information about people they suspect of committing crimes across multiple jurisdictions, said Cedaredge Police Chief David King.

This is going to help us reduce crime and catch the bad guys,” King said.

The Cedaredge Police Department is now part of a shared software system with the Delta County Sheriff's Office and the Delta and Hotchkiss police departments. The agencies will also be able to quickly exchange data with neighboring Mesa and Montrose counties, also Spillman users.

With Spillman's Law Records module, the Cedaredge Police Department will also use the software to create accurate statistical reports for crime analysis and presentations. King said the software will help result in a more accurate, reliable database.

With the old system, everybody was inputting data however they wanted to,” he said. With the Spillman system, everything will be done professionally and cleanly.”

Using Spillman's Traffic Information module, the department can record the time and location of traffic accidents, as well as any causes and damages incurred. This information will help the agency identify traffic safety hazards and accident trends more easily.

We've moved into the 21st Century,” King said. Law enforcement has to keep up with technology, otherwise, we become dinosaurs.”

The agency joins 26 other public safety agencies in
Colorado currently using Spillman software.

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Records Management, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, Resource Management, and Data Sharing. The software is installed at more than 700 agencies nationwide.