Dixie College PD chooses Spillman to increase campus safety

SALT LAKE CITY – Jan. 26, 2008 – The Dixie College Campus Police Department is partnering with Spillman Technologies to increase the safety of the school's approximately 7,500 students and hundreds of faculty members.

The Dixie State College of Utah is a four-year, public institute of higher education located in St. George, Utah. With Spillman's Voiceless Dispatch module, officers patrolling the campus can use their laptop computers to communicate with dispatchers. This allows officers to view call information and update unit and call status without using radio airtime. Spillman's Mobile Records module allows field officers to search local, state, and national databases for information on names, vehicles, incidents, and property.

Using Spillman's Law Records module, the department personnel can store all law incident records in a single database and create reports for crime analysis. Campus officers can attach an alert to a record to indicate a dangerous, wanted, or missing person.

The department will be part of a multi-jurisdictional shared system with the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the Hurricane Police and Fire Departments, the St. George Police and Fire Departments, the Ivins Police and Fire Departments, the Santa Clara Police and Fire Departments, the Washington Police and Fire Departments, and the Leeds Fire Department. All agencies will store information on a single Spillman server, giving each agency access to a wide range of records while keeping agency-specific data separate.

The Dixie College Campus Police Department went live in July of 2008. They will become one of 101 agencies in Utah and more than 750 agencies across the nation using Spillman Technologies.

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Records Management, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, Resource Management, and Data Sharing.