C.P. police to equip squad cars with GPS

By Kathleen Quilligan

CROWN POINT – City police hope new technology will increase the speed and effectiveness of dispatching officers, Chief Pete Land said.

Land said of the law enforcement agencies in Lake County, four agencies already are using the Spillman system that allows the departments to share information. The system, for example, reveals the exact locations of cars of other agencies, such as the Lake County Sheriff's Department, because of the presence of global positioning systems in the cars.

While the Crown Point Police Department for awhile has been considering adding GPS units to all of its vehicles, Land said the department now owns all the necessary equipment and will have the technology installed in 41 vehicles by the end of February.

“I really thought it would be nothing but a benefit,” Land said.

Land said the cost of the equipment and software to outfit the department is about $6,000.

In the Police Department's dispatch room, a large monitor with a map of the city pinpoints the locations of the GPS-equipped vehicles from other Police Departments. Land said the new technology will allow dispatchers to determine which officer is closest to a call to get someone on the scene as quickly as possible.