U of U Campus PD enhances operations with Spillman

SALT LAKE CITY – April 9, 2009 – When the University of Utah wanted to protect its nearly 30,000 students using the best technology available, it turned to Spillman Technologies.

The University of Utah Department of Public Safety can use Spillman's InSight to search for information and immediately receive critical data from many agencies across the Salt Lake Valley.

Spillman's Mobile Records module allows officers to search for information on names, vehicles, incidents and property while patrolling the 1,500-acre campus. The Voiceless Dispatch module enables officers to access call data from their patrol vehicles, while freeing up radio airtime for high-priority calls.

Spillman Technologies is a leading public safety provider headquartered in Salt Lake City, The University of Utah Department of Public Safety went live with its Spillman system in November.

Spillman is also helping the department manage its digital images and evidence. Spillman's Imaging module makes it easy for personnel to store, access and edit digital images. Using the Evidence Management module, personnel can create detailed histories for each piece of evidence gathered by the agency, record each time the evidence is moved, and note the location where it is stored.

The agency also upgraded its system with additional software from Spillman's Records Management and Computer-Aided Dispatch solutions. The University of Utah Department of Public Safety is one of 101 agencies in Utah and more than 750 agencies nationwide using Spillman.

Spillman provides a full range of software solutions for public safety agencies, including Records Management, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, Resource Management, and Data Sharing.