New emergency partnership said to save time and lives

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4) – The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office announced a partnership today that it says will save lives.

The 911 dispatch centers of the sheriff's office will electronically link with the Valley Emergency Communications Center or VECC. That's an agency that provides service to a large chunk of the valley.

Before today's partnership, the two relied on phones to communicate critical information. Now they're able to access the info instantaneously on the computer.

Public safety obviously is important to all of us and in public safety, seconds mean lives,” said Peter Corroon, Salt Lake County Mayor, And now we are saving those seconds that could be critical to all of the citizens of Salt Lake County.”

They said just last night that VECC and the sheriff's office made 46 phones calls back and forth. With the link, many if not all of those calls will be eliminated.

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