Software innovations, partnerships revealed at Spillman Conference

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. – Sept. 21, 2009 – Nearly 400 public safety personnel from 195 agencies across the country are gathered in Salt Lake City this week to receive hands-on training and get a glimpse of the newest software solutions from Spillman Technologies.

At this year's Spillman Annual Users Conference, attendees will preview Spillman's latest software product, Mobile 4.5, scheduled for release next month. While other industry mobile communication packages only allow a user to search names and vehicles from the road, Spillman's Mobile 4.5 product allows for true database access from the field. Users will have the ability to search 20 new records management screens, including fire/EMS, law incidents, property, and evidence.

Mobile 4.5 includes Automated Field Reporting modules, allowing users to quickly complete and submit forms from the field, and a Driver License Scanning module, which makes it possible to automatically populate Mobile search screens with a driver's information by simply scanning a driver license.

Mobile 4.5 also incorporates voice and highlight functionality for mobile returns in 19 states. Using the new feature, field personnel will be able to minimize time spent looking at a laptop by receiving key information about an individual or vehicle through audible voice returns and prominent visual highlights.

Today, Spillman introduced an expansion to its focus on continual customer feedback. In addition to the product suggestions collected and incorporated each year from all users, a new Customer Advisory Board (CAB), comprised of nine individuals from public safety agencies around the nation, will work closely with Spillman's research and design team to provide input regarding product direction, business decisions, and changing industry trends. The CAB held its first meeting today.

The input and direction from the CAB ensures we are moving our products in the right direction,” said Spillman Research and Design manager Ben Godfrey. The members of the CAB are industry experts and help keep us in tune with industry trends and changing local, state, tribal, and national requirements.”

Spillman also announced its partnership with new vendors to maximize the features available to agencies. Spillman's AVL Mapping module is now linked with the Google Earth™ mapping service, allowing users to replay patrol vehicle routes on a Google Earth map. This capability makes it easy for agencies to review pursuits and evaluate police routes.

Through a partnership with Semotus Solutions, Spillman agencies will be able to use HipLink© messaging software to send information from Spillman's Computer-Aided Dispatch solution to virtually any device, including smartphones, fax machines, and text-to-speech equipment.

Attendees at the conference will also get a glimpse of Spillman's new CompStat Dashboard module, which enables agencies to use a dashboard to spot trends, make informed decisions, and monitor the health of their organization. Agencies can identify crime hot-spots and evaluate the success of crime-fighting strategies by comparing statistics over user-defined periods of time.

Other new features include Spillman's CAD-to-CAD interface that enables users to exchange call data with agencies using either Spillman or non-Spillman dispatch software. Spillman has also become certified in all three ProQA© protocols: law, fire, and EMS, ensuring that Spillman's Computer-Aided Dispatch solution and ProQA work together seamlessly.

Spillman Technologies provides a full range of integrated software solutions for public safety agencies, including Records Management, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mobile Communications, Corrections Management, Fire/EMS Management, Resource Management, and Data Sharing.

Google Earth™ mapping service is a trademark of Google Inc.
HipLink© is a registered trademark of Semotus Solutions Inc.
ProQA is a registered trademark of Priority Dispatch Corp.™ evolved from Medical Priority Consultants, Inc.™ in the United States and certain other countries.