Spillman delivers on promises, Jefferson County reports

Watertown, NY – Oct. 21, 2010 – Personnel at Jefferson County Public Safety are seeing improved mobile and dispatch performance since the agency adopted its Spillman software system earlier this summer.

Officers are already benefitting from features that were not available under their previous software provider, said Jefferson County IT director Greg Hudson.

The agency is utilizing Spillman’s AVL Mapping module, which allows dispatchers to view the location of patrol units on a map in real time. The product also allows the agency to determine the quickest route to an emergency call, taking into consideration the local street network and geographic barriers.

“Our AVL is up and running, and that’s something that was promised and never happened with the old company,” Hudson said.

Hudson said Jefferson County began searching for a new public safety software provider when the software they were using failed to live up to expectations.

“We were promised a lot of things that never really panned out,” Hudson said. “Needless to say, it was a really bad experience, and we started to question the long-term viability of the company.”

The county was impressed by Spillman’s innovative software and its reputation for outstanding customer service, he said. Jefferson County representatives visited the Layton Police Department in Utah, a Spillman customer since 2002, to see the software in action.

Hudson said the Layton officers’ enthusiasm for Spillman made a big impression on the Jefferson County team.  

“There were no complaints,” he said. “All we found were a lot of happy people.”

Jefferson County officers were especially impressed with Spillman’s Mobile solution, Hudson said, which allows them to communicate with dispatch, instantly access critical records data, search state and national databases, and more from their vehicles’ laptop computers.

“Our patrol officers just saw it and fell in love with it,” Hudson said.

Jefferson County Public Safety adopted Spillman’s Records, Dispatch, Mobile, Corrections, and Resources solutions, and went live with its Spillman system in June. Hudson said that Spillman representatives were able to get the software up and running within the agency’s tight timeline. Spillman’s project management team created a customized plan for the agency that defined the project objectives, responsibilities, and timelines, and then worked with Jefferson County’s IT department to ensure that the software was functional and ready to use on time and within budget.

The smooth installation process meant that the Jefferson County IT staff had to spend less time than anticipated on the implementation, Hudson said.

“We set some lofty goals of when we’d be trained and have the software implemented,” he said. “Amazingly enough, Spillman met those goals.”

Spillman Technologies is a public safety software provider headquartered in Salt Lake City, serving more than 850 police departments, sheriff’s offices, communications centers, fire departments, and correctional facilities nationwide. Spillman specializes in integrated software solutions, including CAD, RMS, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, Crime Analysis & CompStat, JMS, Fire, Data Sharing, and Personnel & Resources.