County dispatch upgrade to go live

By Nancy Bowman, Contributing Writer

TROY — New communications equipment to go live next week at the Miami County dispatch center will improve responder safety and allow law enforcement access to more information, faster, Sheriff’s Capt. Dave Duchak said.

More than two years after the county began the process of updating dispatch and other equipment at the 20-year-old countywide Communications Center, the switch to a system through Spillman Technologies of Salt Lake City is scheduled Monday, Dec. 13.

Training on the systems has been under way for several weeks. During at least the first week of new systems use, six trainers will be at the center and at agencies to help with any issues.

The new equipment, costing around $855,000, includes a computer-aided dispatch, key to operations of the center that handles calls and dispatch for more than 25 police, fire and emergency medical services agencies, and mobile data systems for cruisers and other vehicles.

There’s also a records management system that for the first time will include records for all county police agencies. While the county through the sales tax is paying for the other equipment, communities countywide under a formula based on population share the records management system bill of around $360,000.

“I think the amount of data, records they will have access to will be incredible,” Duchak said.

The Windows-based system will allow dispatchers to keep track of vehicles at all times with icons of each vehicle on their computer screens.

It also will allow police to “connect crime dots” faster with new access to all records from the other agencies in the county, access made possible through an agreement among all chiefs, Duchak said. Police also will have access to the county jail records, including photographs.

The county also will have access to neighboring Darke County Sheriff’s records through a data-sharing plan accommodated by Spillman. The company went live with a smaller dispatch, records and mobile data system in Darke County this fall.

“It will be a more regional sharing because criminals cross jurisdictional lines,” Duchak said.

The Miami County commissioners Dec. 2 signed the information sharing records system agreement with communities countywide.