Ohio agencies sharing CAD and records data using Spillman

TROY, Ohio – Dec. 17, 2010 – Public safety agencies in Ohio’s Miami County have adopted Spillman’s records, dispatch and mobile solutions, allowing five police departments, 10 fire departments, and two EMS agencies to share data with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and the Miami County 9-1-1 Dispatch Center.

The Miami County Sheriff’s Office has been using Spillman’s corrections software since 1999. The additional agencies went live with Spillman’s dispatch and records solution on Monday, enabling them to access 11 years of stored jail data, said Miami County Sheriff’s Office Captain Dave Duchak.

Agencies can view mug shots, warnings, and associated incidents and warnings for every suspect booked into the jail. Access to this information allows law enforcement officials to identify criminals on the street using mug shots and stay informed of any warnings related to the suspect.

“Dispatchers will have immediate access to any cautions or alerts,” Duchak said. “Before, they had no access to jail information at all.”

Duchak said fire departments can also boost safety using Spillman’s Mobile module to access information about premises while en route to a call.

“Having all of that information is going to be invaluable for our fire departments,” he said.

Eventually, Duchak said, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office plans to share data with neighboring Darke County in Ohio and Randolph County in Indiana. Using Spillman InSight, the three counties can exchange real-time information about suspects, incidents, locations, and more.

“In this post-9/11 world, the feds and state want more regionalization and interoperability,” Duchak said. “They believe it is important for agencies to be able to communicate effectively with each other. A shared system is going to allow us to connect the dots to solve crimes quicker and keep the community and officers safe.”

Duchak said the agencies spent 18 months evaluating vendors and ultimately chose Spillman based on the c

“We had an 11-year client relationship with Spillman, and we were very happy and satisfied with their jail system,” Duchak said. “During the evaluation process, Spillman outdid the other vendors in the software that we saw and in the on-site visits.”

He said that the Spillman system was also more cost effective than those of other vendors. In Miami County, multiple agencies store data on one server located at Miami County 9-1-1, eliminating the need for each agency to purchase and maintain its own server.

The Spillman system will be shared by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, Miami County 9-1-1, Piqua Police Department, Piqua Fire Department,  Troy Police Department, Troy Fire Department, West Milton Police Department, West Milton Fire Department, Covington Police Department, Covington Fire Department, Covington Rescue, Tipp City Police Department, Tipp City Fire Department, Bethel Township Fire Department, Casstown Fire Department, Elizabeth Township Life Squad, Fletcher Fire Department, Ludlow Falls Fire Department, and the Union Township Life Squad.

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