The trend toward multi-jurisdictional systems & consolidation

As a result of 9/11, the need for creating multi-jurisdictional systems for sharing critical data with other public safety agencies became evident and the federal government responded with grant funding specifically for such projects.


The economic slowdown of 2008 turned the desire to create shared systems into a necessity in order for agencies to consolidate resources and save money.

There is no greater benefit – to citizens as well as the involved public safety professionals – than multiple agencies working together to share critical data in real time. But, there are many hurdles that agencies battle with.

We recently published a white paper with best practices for creating a multi-jurisdictional, shared software system. In addition to covering overall benefits, we also highlight tips for creating a successful system (forming a committee, planning for system administration, creating data entry standards, handling billing and maintenance, implementing upgrades, etc.). We also profile a case study of a county-wide system that did it quite successfully. You can access a free copy of the white paper here.

In Nevada, 16 agencies just selected Spillman as part of one shared software system in order to boost multi-jurisdictional capabilities and state-wide public safety efforts. Read the whole article here.