Agencies use Spillman to share data across state lines

KANAB, Utah – Feb. 4, 2010 – The Kane County Sheriff’s Office and Kanab Police Department in Utah and the Fredonia Marshal’s Office in Arizona are using Spillman software to share data across the states’ border.

Data sharing is critical to these rural agencies, said Kane County IT Director and 9-1-1 Director Dave Owens. Offenders often commit crimes in multiple jurisdictions, he said, and using a shared Spillman system allows them to quickly identify repeat offenders.

“When we pick a guy up, we can immediately know that he’s been in jail six times in Page [Arizona],” he said.

The three agencies store data on a single server hosted at the Kane County Sheriff’s Office. Using Spillman InSight, they will also be able to share data with other agencies throughout the region, Owens said.

Spillman’s Integrated Hub allows the agencies to enter data once and have it made immediately available throughout the system. Owens said this feature is especially important to the agencies because it saves time and helps reduce the chance of duplicate records or incorrectly entered data. Eventually, Owens said, the Kane County Justice Court will also be able to access data stored in the Spillman system.

“This is something we’ve been looking forward to for years,” he said.

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office, Kanab Police Department, and Fredonia Marshal’s Office adopted Spillman’s Records, Dispatch, Mobile, and Corrections solutions. The departments are among 102 agencies in Utah, 60 agencies in Arizona, and more than 900 agencies throughout the nation using Spillman software. They went live with the Spillman system this past summer.

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