Albertville will use Spillman to share data, serve a growing population

Albertville, Ala. – Mar. 16, 2010 – The Albertville Police Department in Alabama will use new software from Spillman Technologies to share data with neighboring agencies and solve crimes that cross jurisdictional boundaries.

“Criminal elements in society operate without regard to city limits or county boundaries, which makes information sharing critical to the goals of any law enforcement agency,” said Albertville Police Department Communications Division Supervisor Scott Lacks.

Using Spillman InSight, the agency will be able to search neighboring agencies’ databases for information. The Spillman system will also help the police department meet the needs of Albertville’s growing population, Lacks said. The town has a population of approximately 25,000 residents and has grown significantly over the last decade.

“With growth in population, the needs of public safety agencies also change,” he said. “The Albertville Police and Fire Departments require a software solution that will provide the features and functionality necessary to provide efficient and effective services in today’s environment.”

In addition to InSight, the Albertville Police Department purchased Spillman’s Fire/EMS, Resources, Records, Corrections, CAD, and Mobile solutions. When the agency goes live with its system later this year, it will be one of 19 agencies in Alabama using Spillman software.

Lacks said a visit to the Tuscaloosa Police Department, a Spillman customer since 1994, helped solidify his department’s decision to adopt Spillman.

“This visit was very productive as it allowed us to actually view Spillman’s system in a real-time environment and solicit feedback from users, which was very positive,” Lacks said.

The agency was also impressed by Spillman’s policy of providing free software upgrades to customers with annual maintenance agreements, he said. Spillman spends millions of dollars annually to create user-requested product enhancements and updates.

The police department evaluated many vendors, said Albertville Police Department Chief Doug Pollard, but Spillman best met the agency’s needs while also providing excellent customer service.

“I was impressed by the professional manner in which the Spillman sales team presented all the information that we needed to make an informed purchasing decision,” Pollard said.

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