Fayette County increases efficiency with Spillman solutions

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. – May 13, 2011 – The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia will use software from Spillman Technologies to share data and increase efficiency.

In the past, divisions within the sheriff’s office were utilizing separate RMS systems, making it difficult to share law enforcement data, said Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Major Bryan Woodie. In addition, he said the agency’s former public safety software system wasn’t user-friendly and personnel could not retrieve the data they needed.

“We were putting a lot of information into the system, but we could get very little out,” he said.

Woodie said the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office selected Spillman after investigating several public safety software providers. The ability to search for suspects based on a specific set of criteria and share data with the Fayette County Jail and other Fayette County law enforcement agencies will help the sheriff’s office solve and prevent crimes, he said.

“Spillman is going to help us leverage technology to be even more efficient and provide a safe community for our residents,” he said. “The end result is that we expect anywhere from 35 to 60 percent increase in efficiency.”

He said the agency was also impressed by Spillman’s professionalism and commitment to its customers.

“Spillman hasn’t promised us a thing that they didn’t deliver,” Woodie said.

When the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office goes live with their Spillman system in June, it will become one of 22 public safety agencies in Georgia and more than 900 agencies across the country that use Spillman software.

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