Illinois agencies adopt Spillman for crime prevention, mapping

Mt. Vernon, Ill. – June 9, 2011 – Two Illinois public safety agencies will use software from Spillman Technologies to combat crime in their growing city.

Located along two major interstates in southern Illinois, Mt. Vernon experiences many of the same crime challenges as larger cities, said Mt. Vernon Police Department Corporal Don Hattendorf. The city is also growing quickly, he said, increasing the area that officers must patrol. The agency plans to use Spillman’s Mobile software to provide officers with access to records and electronic maps of the jurisdiction from their vehicle laptops.

“We continue to have drug traffic, gang activity and normal large city crimes,” Hattendorf said. “The city is growing in both commerce and population. With the city spreading out, we hope access to Spillman through our vehicles will effectively increase crime prevention.”

The Mt. Vernon Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department will operate on a shared Spillman system, he said, allowing the agencies to exchange critical data about warrants, names, vehicles, and more.

Hattendorf said that after researching vendors, the agencies selected Spillman based on its ability to allow the agencies to create reports and manage data.

“Both the Mt. Vernon Police Department and the sheriff's department made a commitment to search for enhanced software,” he said. “We looked at several vendors and found Spillman offered the most for the product.”

The agencies plan to go live with the Spillman system in August. They will become two of 17 agencies in Illinois and more than 900 agencies across the nation using Spillman software.

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