NY agencies use Spillman to access info from the field, share data

Ithaca, NY. – June 24, 2011 – Public safety agencies in Tompkins County are using new Spillman software to access call information from the field and share critical law enforcement data with other local and state agencies.

Using Spillman’s Mobile software, field personnel have the ability to access dispatch information immediately without relying on radio communication. Spillman’s Mobile Voiceless CAD module enables personnel to view updated call information on their laptops as it is entered by dispatchers, while freeing up radio airtime.

“Previously, dispatchers were [field personnel’s] only source of information,” said Kim Moore, Tompkins County Public Safety Systems Administrator. “Now with Mobile, they can have that information in their vehicle at their fingertips.”

The Spillman system allows multiple public safety agencies to securely exchange information while maintaining data entry standards, said Greg Potter, Director of Information Technology Services for Tompkins County. Seven police departments, including the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office, and more than 17 Fire and EMS agencies have the ability to share Spillman data.

“The information becomes reliable and sharable across multiple agencies,” Potter said.

Tompkins County went live with the Spillman system in December 2010.  The Tompkins County agencies are among more than 900 agencies across the nation using Spillman software.

Potter said they began their search for a new software vendor that would allow the entire county to share data. Spillman was chosen because it met the requirements of the Request for Proposal (RFP) and had interfaces that would work with existing public safety systems.

“Of the vendors that we interviewed or considered, only a few of them came close to meeting all the requirements,” he said.

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