Gary PD to use new software to share data, analyze crime trends

GARY, Ind.  – August 2, 2011 – The Gary Police Department is implementing new software from Spillman Technologies to pinpoint crime and share data with agencies throughout Lake County.

When the agency goes live with its Spillman software, it will have access to more than 750,000 records created by 18 other Lake County public safety agencies. The software will also allow the Gary Police Department to participate in a consolidated Lake County dispatch center that is expected to begin operations in 2014.

 Sharing data will give personnel at the Gary Police Department access to county-wide information about suspects and incidents. Officers can use Spillman software to view real-time information about suspects that have a history of violence or weapons possession.

“This will help with officer safety,” said Gary Police Department Sergeant Sarita Titus.

In addition to implementing Spillman’s records management software (RMS), the agency will also implement Spillman computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile data, and personnel/resource software. The agency plans to use Spillman’s CompStat Dashboard and Pin Mapping modules to calculate trends and patterns in data and analyze methods for reducing crime by plotting incidents on a pin map.

“We’re looking forward to using the software to help us pinpoint where the loiterers and suspicious vehicles are,” Titus said. “That way, we know where to deploy more officers.”

The agency is one of 100 in Indiana and more than 900 throughout the nation using Spillman software.