Local authorities to share new technology

At 10 a.m. on Aug. 8, the Liberal Police Department along with Seward County Sheriff's Office and Liberal and Seward County’s Emergency Communications Center implemented a new program approximately two years in the making. The technology, from Spillman Technologies of Salt Lake City, has been described as a way to “seamlessly share data and reduce identity fraud” within the community.

Liberal Police Department Records Supervisor Catherine Byrd issued a press release which stated Spillman was the best pick for the product.

The agencies examined several public safety software vendors, but ultimately chose Spillman for its ease of use and ability to allow all three agencies to exchange critical law enforcement data,” Byrd noted. “It was user friendly, and we like how all the data linked together.

The information, Byrd explained, will be stored on one server at the communications center.

“We will have the sheriff’s office and the dispatch center, right across the street from us – integrated into one system,” Byrd noted. “The agencies will also have the ability to share data with the Liberal Fire Department, Seward County Fire Department, Seward County EMS, Liberal Prosecutor’s Office and Seward County Attorney’s Office.”

The system, Byrd added, will not only add an incredible amount of efficiency, it will play a rather large roll in curtailing identification fraud. 

“Officers and deputies who pull someone over can use their laptop computers to search the Spillman system for an existing name record,” Byrd noted. “They can then see whether the mug shot or photo attached to the name record matches the person they’ve apprehended.”

Byrd added when the involved agencies went live with the Spillman system on, they joined seven public safety agencies within Kansas and more than 900 agencies nationwide currently equipping their first responders with the safety and efficiency of the software.

This morning, Liberal Police Chief Al Sill said although the last week and a half have been “quite a learning curve” for all departments involved. He said, however, he is extremely pleased with the software.

The technology was purchased by funds through a grant which was a joint venture between the Liberal Police Department and Seward County Fire Department.