Shared Spillman system will help Va. agencies save money, exchange data

Clintwood, VA. – Aug. 18, 2011 – Three southwest Virginia counties and the City of Norton will use a shared Spillman system to exchange data and reduce overhead costs.

“Spillman will allow us to share information back and forth between these four entities in a way that it’s never been shared before,” said Mark Cvetnich, director of operations for the Dickenson County Communications Center.

The Wise County Sheriff’s Office and Wise County Central Dispatch, the Dickenson County Sheriff’s Office and the Dickenson County Communications Center, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and Lee County 911, the City of Norton Police Department, and the City of Norton 911 Center will be storing and sharing law enforcement data on two Spillman servers hosted by Dickenson and Wise Counties.

“We are excited to find a product that will allow us to work together with our regional partners in a way that benefits all the parties both financially and otherwise,” said Fred Ramey, assistant city manager for the City of Norton.

The Spillman system will allow the agencies to reduce costs associated with buying, maintaining, and administering the server equipment, Cvetnich said. Without Spillman, he said, each county or city would have to purchase a server and a back-up server.

Cvetnich said that the agencies had been searching for a vendor that would enable them to share a server, with little success. Once they found Spillman, they discovered that Spillman agencies across the nation have been utilizing shared servers for years.

“The more we found out about Spillman, the more we found out that they’ve already got the solution,” Cvetnich said, calling Spillman a “tremendous package of overall tools that we didn’t try to have to get the CAD vendor to invent for us.”
The software will allow the agencies to share critical information about suspects, incidents, evidence, and more.

“We are excited to use the latest technology to our advantage to help us fight crime and improve public safety for our citizens,” said Wise County Sheriff R.D. Oakes.

Spillman’s dedication to customer service was another factor that impressed the agencies, Cvetnich said.

“It is really and truly shocking how much attention we have received from the Spillman personnel,” he said. “I just can’t say enough about each and every one of the guys that have been here. I would recommend Spillman to just about anybody.”

Wise County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Gene Vanover said that Spillman’s Mobile software will provide officers in the field with quick access to data about potentially dangerous suspects and situations.

“It’s an officer safety issue to me,” Vanover said. “To be able to put that technology to use in a law enforcement application and share data with other agencies is vital to officer safety.”

When the agencies go live with the system in 2012, they will be among public safety agencies in 35 states across the nation using software from Spillman.