Spillman to provide Fayetteville PD with data sharing, mobile records access

Fayetteville, Ga. – Sept. 5, 2011 – Officers at the Fayetteville Police Department will be able to share critical law enforcement information with neighboring agencies using software from Spillman Technologies.

Using Spillman InSight, the police department will have the ability to exchange images and information on names, incidents, property, and vehicles with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and the Fayette County E911 Communications Center.

The ability to share data will help the public safety agencies throughout the county coordinate their response in case of an emergency, said Fayetteville Police Department Captain Steve Crawshaw.

“When major events are going on, it will speed the process of sharing information,” he said.

When the Fayetteville Police Department goes live with their Spillman system, they will become one of 26 agencies in Georgia and one of more than 950 public safety agencies across the nation using Spillman software.

Fayetteville Police Department field officers will also be able to use Spillman’s Mobile solution to see critical call updates as they are received by dispatchers and view the location of other patrol units on an electronic map of their jurisdiction.

“Officers will know that they may be closer to a call than another responding officer, making it easier for them to manage calls that are being dispatched,” Crawshaw said.