Public safety software innovations on display at Spillman Users’ Conference

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – More than 500 public safety personnel from 235 agencies across the country gathered in Salt Lake City today to receive hands-on training and preview new Spillman software solutions.

Attendees also listened to an inspirational message from keynote speaker Michael Durant, the Army pilot who inspired the movie Black Hawk Down.

In 1993, Durant was captured by Somali forces after his Black Hawk helicopter was shot down during the Battle of Mogadishu. Despite suffering severe injuries, Durant was the only member of his crew to survive the incident and was released to the Red Cross after 11 days in Somali custody.

Since his 2001 retirement from the military, Durant has dedicated his life to sharing his powerful story of survival and the importance of having critical resources and training in the field.

“As a pilot, I always said that I learn every day,” Durant said. “You will never know it all. Training is critical so that you can maintain the skills you have and be as efficient as you can possibly be.”

This year’s Spillman Users’ Conference saw record-breaking attendance with 510 attendees, up nearly 20 percent from last year’s 430 attendees.

Spillman also revealed its extraordinary growth for 2011. The company has added 59 new customers since the beginning of 2011 and projects that it will have 997 customers by the end of the year. During the conference, the company will also recognize 10 agencies celebrating their tenth year with Spillman, 39 agencies celebrating their fifteen year with Spillman, 21 agencies celebrating their twentieth year with Spillman, and two customers celebrating their twenty-fifth year with Spillman.

Spillman kicked off the annual four-day conference with several major new product and partnership announcements, including a Sex Offenders module, designed to help agencies track sex offenders and monitor the locations, vehicles, and registration status of sex offenders living within their jurisdictions.

Customers also got a glimpse of Spillman’s latest Mobile 4.6 software enhancement, which is designed to help law and fire agencies quickly access critical information from the field. Using Mobile 4.6, agencies can view call information directly from their AVL Mapping screen and access details such as corresponding alarm companies, floor plans, and fire pre-plans while enroute to the incident. In addition, features like the large Mobile toolbar buttons provide users with easy access to information while driving. Like all Spillman software enhancements, the Mobile 4.6 upgrade was provided free of charge to customers who were already using Spillman’s Mobile solution and had current Annual Maintenance Agreements.

Spillman also unveiled the Community Dashboard and the CAD Dashboard modules, which will enable users to track and analyze critical statistics. Using the Community Dashboard module, agencies will be able to share detailed crime statistics with their communities, allowing the public to view the rate of incidents and offenses and view incidents on an electronic map of their jurisdiction.

The CAD Dashboard provides communication centers with information about how many calls they receive and how dispatchers’ response times match up to national standards. Agencies can use the data to analyze their performance, target training sessions, and ultimately improve response times to provide the best possible service to their communities.

Spillman’s 2011 Users’ Conference offers attendees more class options than ever before. Participants can choose from more than 80 classes ranging from hands-on software training to customer best practices, as well as the preview and demo of upcoming modules.

Attendees can also participate in a host of certification courses designed to help them become certified system administrators as well as achieve product-specific Spillman certification in corrections, records, and dispatch software.