Application allows agencies to access critical data on a mobile device

SALT LAKE CITY  – Public safety personnel can access records, images, and dispatch information on a smartphone or iPad using a new software application from Spillman Technologies.

The Spillman Touch application allows users to see critical alerts, outstanding warrants, and warnings in situations where desktop or laptop computers aren’t accessible, such as on motorcycle patrol.

Using Spillman Touch, personnel can search for mug shots, and name, vehicle, and property records stored in their agency’s Spillman database. Users can also review call assignments, see the nature and address of the call, and update their unit’s status.

The application was specifically designed to meet the needs of field personnel. Spillman Touch utilizes convenient click or touch-screen navigation and formats phone numbers as links so they can be dialed with a single touch. Personnel can view addresses on a Google Map and access turn-by-turn directions and traffic information.

Dispatch supervisors can use the application to monitor call volume and patrol unit locations outside of the call center environment.

Spillman Touch is fully compatible with Spillman Sentryx 6.1. Most features are also compatible with Spillman 4.6. The application can currently be used with BlackBerry®, iPhone®, and Android smartphones, as well as the iPad® and desktop computers.