Three San Juan County agencies use Spillman to stretch resources, share data

Monticello, UTAH. – Nov. 15, 2011 – Three public safety agencies in San Juan County are utilizing a shared Spillman software system in an effort to better patrol Utah’s biggest county.

Last month, the Monticello and Blanding police departments began sharing Spillman data on a server hosted by the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. The system enables all three agencies to exchange instant messages, images, and name, vehicle, and property records.

San Juan County Sheriff Rick Eldredge said that the software will help the agencies target crimes that happen throughout the county. Oftentimes, he said, a criminal who lives in one city will commit crimes in another. Without a shared system, it can be difficult to track suspects and determine crime patterns.

“Now, we can share this information and exchange data so that we can help solve these crimes,” Eldredge said.

Using Spillman also allows the agencies to operate more efficiently, he said. After an officer or deputy arrests someone for drunk driving, they can enter all of the suspect’s information into an electronic Spillman record. By the time the suspect arrives at the San Juan County Jail, the jail personnel already have much of the data they need to book the suspect.

“Having all of that information in the system speeds things up tremendously,” Eldredge said.

Monticello Police Chief Kent Adair said that Spillman’s Mobile solution helps his agency to maximize manpower. The software will allow the agency’s three sworn officers to spend more time patrolling the streets and less time completing paperwork at the station.

“Mobile allows the guys to be on the road more, and they can enter their information and reports [directly from a laptop computer].”

Spillman’s reporting options and the affordability of a shared system were major selling points for Blanding Police Chief Lyle Bayles. A shared system allows agencies to split the costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment.

Bayles said the system also increases officer safety. Using Spillman’s Mobile solution, officers can quickly update other jurisdictions about critical information like armed suspects or stolen vehicles.

 “Everybody is aware of what is going on in my jurisdiction, and I’m aware of what is going on in theirs,” Bayles said.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has been a Spillman customer since 2003, and the Blanding and Monticello Police Departments went live with their Spillman system in September 2011. The departments are among 102 agencies in Utah and more than 950 agencies around the country using Spillman software.