Spillman interface gives users enhanced planning, surveillance capabilities

Salt Lake City – Dec. 13, 2011 – A new Spillman interface will help agencies conduct surveillance, plan raids and searches, and determine what type of equipment is needed to better respond to emergencies.

Spillman’s Pictometry Interface allows users to view a structure from multiple angles and measure its dimensions on an electronic map. The images are captured using high-resolution aerial photography and can be viewed from five different perspectives: north, south, east, west, and from above. Personnel can also see all sides of a structure as well as measure its height, area, pitch, and distance from other objects.

“The Pictometry Interface will give agencies the critical information they need to respond to incidents safely and efficiently,” said Spillman’s Research and Design Manager, Larry Morris. “The ability to measure the dimensions of an image and view a structure from multiple angles will allow responders to make faster, more informed decisions.”

Pictometry can be used to quickly determine the size of a structure, identify potential barriers or hazards, and view entrances or exits. The interface also gives agencies the information they need to arrive at the scene with the proper tools. For example, firefighters can use Pictometry to measure the distance from a water source to a fire, allowing them to know what length of hose is needed.

The Pictometry Interface works in conjunction with Spillman’s CAD Mapping, Pin Mapping, Mobile AVL Mapping, and Fire Mobile AVL Mapping modules. The interface integrates seamlessly with Spillman’s mapping software, enabling users to decide which area to view in Pictometry from their Spillman maps.

Some agencies may already have access to Pictometry imagery for their jurisdictions and will only require the Spillman interface, which allows them to integrate their existing Pictometry images with Spillman’s mapping software, take measurements, and view objects on the map from multiple perspectives.