Shaping Up Your Agency in 2012

The new year has begun, and if you are like most of us, your resolutions probably include something about hitting the gym, losing those pesky holiday pounds, and ignoring any leftover Christmas treats. In addition to getting your body in shape, January is a great time of year to focus on shaping up your agency through employee training. By making room in your agency’s annual budget for training opportunities, you can work toward boosting efficiency and increasing employee knowledge in 2012.


Ongoing or annual training is a great way to fine-tune your employees’ skills and remind them about best practices they may have forgotten over time. It can also help bring new employees up to speed on company knowledge, tips, and tricks. With the economy slowly on the rebound, many agencies are finding themselves with an influx of new employees for the first time in several years. Making sure that your agency’s newbies are properly trained will help maximize their productivity and prevent time and money-wasting mistakes.

Training gives employees a chance to ask questions, find solutions to common problems or frustrations, and learn from the instructor as well as from one another. Seasoned employees can use training sessions to share knowledge they have gained over time with their less-experienced coworkers.

Training can also be a valuable tool if you are trying to maintain consistency in your workplace by ensuring that all employees are following the same standards or regulations. For best results, you may want to create a training atmosphere that allows your employees to follow along with what the instructor is teaching.

In an industry like public safety, where best practices are always evolving and technology is constantly advancing, training plays an important role in keeping your agency as up-to-date as possible. One way to keep on top of industry trends is by attending public safety conferences such as those hosted by APCO, IACP, and NENA. These conferences allow you to see the latest public safety products and trends, network with agencies from across the nation, and learn from leaders in the public safety industry.

Every September, Spillman hosts an annual Users’ Conference, which provides agencies technical training, hands-on certification, and a chance to learn about the newest Spillman products and enhancements. We also offer several  other training options to customers, including online training, onsite training, and certification courses. For more information about how Spillman’s training programs can help your agency meet its goals, contact your account manager.

All agencies have different needs and budgets, and a training plan that works for one agency might be too pricey or impractical for another. In 2012, resolve to take time to evaluate where training is needed and create a plan that will strengthen your agency. By this time next year, your agency could be reaping the benefits of more efficient, knowledgeable staff.