Multijurisdictional Facility Uses Spillman to Manage Jail Operations

A recently formed regional jail in Washington is using new software from Spillman Technologies to help manage jail records, images and inventory. The South Correctional Entity (SCORE) is a multijurisdictional jail created by seven cities in King County, Wash. The facility opened September 2011 and can house more than 800 inmates.

After evaluating multiple public-safety vendors using request for proposals (RFP) process, SCORE selected Spillman due in part to the company’s reputation in the region. The facility is one of 143 agencies in Washington using Spillman software.

“We chose Spillman because of the strong presence in Washington State,” said SCORE Director Penny Bartley. “Spillman had very strong customer references.”

Using the jail management module, the jail can book inmates using an efficient, step-by-step automated booking checklist. Customizable assessments enable jail personnel to determine whether an inmate poses a security risk and what type of medical care he or she requires. The imaging module enables personnel to capture and edit mug shots and attach them to inmate records within the system.

SCORE personnel can also use Spillman’s inventory management module to ensure that the jail remains adequately stocked with supplies. The software enables agency personnel to see an item’s balance and reorder point, view suppliers’ contact information and track the status of orders.