Provo Police Department Connects

It looks like Provo Police Chief Rick Gregory has broken the technology inertia barrier in his department. The department will soon modernize by moving to Spillman software, a widely used set of tools that brings lots of crime-fighting advantages, including the ability to share information with other agencies.

Gregory deserves credit for corraling the funds to get this done. Provo had considered the software for years, but for one reason or another update didn't happen.

It seems strange that in Utah Valley, where the general level of tech savvy is pretty high and there is a substantial high-tech business sector, that Provo police would have been, as Gregory put it, “woefully behind in technology.”

Spillman technology is already in use at other law enforcement entities around the valley. Provo is now catching up, and we applaud the chief for making it happen. The project should be completed next month.

It is going to cost more than $400,000, which sounds like a lot, but it's money well spent — not blown on hot-rod patrol cars and military-style weapons. It is going to something that will directly improve police effectiveness. Gregory says it “will enhance officer safety and crime-reduction and crime-solving efforts.”

The change will may also improve staff morale and professionalism, which in turn aid recruitment. Other Utah Valley police departments will also benefit by receiving better and faster information in cooperation with Provo.

In short, everybody wins except the bad guys.