Using a Search Engine to Find Grant Opportunities

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There are several methods you can use to find available grant opportunities. You can visit Spillman’s grant opportunity webpage, sign up for our monthly grant mailer, or track grants on government websites like the USDOJ’s Office of Justice Programs. You can also find grants using a simple Internet search. The following tips are designed to make the searching process as productive as possible.

  1. Include the target year in your grant search. This will help retrieve current and future opportunities.
  2. Be keyword specific. Use only keywords that target your field (law enforcement, crime prevention, fire prevention, etc.)
  3. Register for email alerts. For example, you can use Google Alerts to monitor the Internet and retrieve grants that contain your key words.
  4. Be proactive by looking for grants through search engines and professional companies during off-peak months. When you find a grant that will work for your agency, begin writing it based on the proposal specifications. Grant writing takes research, planning, and collaboration.
  5. Barbara Floersch, director of the Grantsmanship Center, recommends that you look at grant searching as an ongoing job. “Give yourself a head start,” Floersch said. “Once you learn to forecast upcoming competitions, you can begin work before announcements hit. Being proactive gives you time for the solid planning, research, and collaboration that result in grant awards. Then you can be halfway toward the finish line when the funding is announced.”