Spillman software to help Plainsboro PD boost efficiency, improve officer safety

Plainsboro, NJ – April 17, 2012 – The Plainsboro Police Department will use new software from Spillman Technologies to target resources and improve officers’ mobile access to critical information.

Plainsboro Police Chief Guy Armour said that one of the biggest challenges his agency faces is measuring efficiency and productivity.

With Spillman, he said, the Plainsboro Police Department will be able to identify problem areas and find ways to better serve the 24,000-resident community. Using Spillman’s CompStat Dashboard module, the agency can conveniently view increases or decreases in crime, quality-of-life incidents, traffic, and accident rates. The Pin Mapping module will allow them to plot incidents on an electronic map and identify patterns or problem areas where additional patrols are needed.

“We want to improve efficiency across the board and leverage [Spillman] technology to see what we are doing well and what we can do better,” Armour said.

The agency will also utilize Spillman’s Mobile AVL and Quickest Route modules to provide officers with the fastest possible directions to a call and track the location of police units on an electronic map.

“Knowing where our officers are at all times will help us keep them safe,” Armour said.

Officers will also be able to retrieve details about past calls and law incidents associated with an address or person, alerting them to potentially dangerous situations.

“When officers arrive at a location, they will be able to get an update on what has previously happened there,” said Patrol Lt. Joseph Duffy. “This knowledge will help officers be better prepared to handle the situation.”

The agency selected Spillman after an extensive, two-year evaluation of multiple software vendors. Armour said Plainsboro personnel were impressed that other New Jersey agencies were still pleased with their Spillman software, decades after purchasing.

“We found that [their Spillman software] still works and it is still valuable to them,” Armour said in regards to a visit to the East Windsor Police Department, a Spillman customer since 1992.

The agency was also impressed by Spillman’s 100-percent implementation success rate and software training options, Duffy said.

“We’ve bought expensive and sophisticated software before, but we’ve never really been able to use them to the capacity that we wanted,” he said. “Because of the emphasis that Spillman puts on training, we will be able to actually use this product to a greater extent than we have with other software programs.”

When the Plainsboro Police Department goes live with its system in October, it will be among 50 agencies in New Jersey and more than 1,000 agencies around the country using Spillman software.