Writing Grant Goals and Objectives

Conceptual SMART Goals Acronym

Goals and objectives encompassed in your grant proposal provide a description of what you are hoping to achieve with your project.


Goals are a wide-ranging statement and are generally imprecise and abstract. Goals are about the final outcome of your project and need to be linked back your needs statement. Use visionary words in your goal statement – decrease, deliver, establish, improve, and provide. For example, you may want to include statements like, “Decrease the incidents of murders on the West Side and improve the response time of detectives.”


The objective is the stage of accomplishing a goal. The objective of your proposal should be precise, tangible, and concrete – something that can be gauged. Beverly A. Browning in Grant Writing for Dummies states, “Make objectives specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.” An example of an objective could be, “By the end of the first phase we will reduce the time it takes to write a traffic ticket by 20 minutes.”


Make sure goals and objectives relate to your needs statement and include appropriate groups in your target population. Allow enough time to achieve your objectives and do not confuse outcomes with methods or how you are going to get to the objective. Have a paragraph on measuring the changes that will be brought about by the grant, and make sure you budget for your measurement objectives.

Happy grant writing!

Source: Beverly A. Browning, Grant Writing for Dummies, 2009, Wiley Publishing, Hoboken, NJ.