Consolidated services in Monmouth cut costs, increase efficiency

Freehold, N.J. – Aug. 16, 2012 – Spillman Technologies is helping Sheriff Shaun Golden and other community leaders in Monmouth County, N.J., pioneer new ways to save tax dollars with a system of consolidated services.

Almost 30 agencies in Monmouth County are sharing consolidated services in an effort to reduce individual agency overhead. Savings for the community are significant: initial reports indicate a total average savings of $565,000 per year. Agencies across the state are joining the efforts of Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office to maximize resources, reduce taxpayer costs, and meet increasing demands on current infrastructure.

“First and foremost, it is a monetary benefit for us. Agencies in the public sector are seeing their budgets shrink away and everyone wants to save money,” Golden said of the effort to bring multiple services under one roof.

Sharing one consolidated system allows the county agencies to share resources like hardware, software, IT staff, servers, and licensing fees. Before, agencies had been managing those resources for a dozen disparate systems for dispatch and records management.

“Bringing all of that under one roof will certainly improve our operations because we’ll be sharing one truly unified database,” he said.

Previously, the use of different software systems impaired communication between law enforcement agencies in Monmouth County. Golden said that using multiple systems even had the potential to cause delays during emergency response situations. Using one consolidated software system will mean that when the single Spillman software system goes live, the agencies will have access to real-time data, more accurate reports, and improved tools to respond to crimes in their jurisdiction.  

Monmouth County is also well on its way to completing a new 9-1-1 communication center to meet the demands of additional communities who want to participate in the plan to share resources and reduce costs. The 9-1-1 center is set to go-live in early 2013. Participating agencies will be able to eliminate the hardware, software, and maintenance costs associated with operating their own dispatch centers.

Staff and officers who will be using the new communication center had an opportunity to provide feedback on what software system was implemented. Those familiar with the old system formed a user group that researched available software systems and made recommendations on what would best meet their needs. The new state-of-the-art center needed a software system that was reliable but offered innovative technology, and the user group felt that Spillman best met these needs.

“We’re looking forward to Spillman driving the system in the new [9-1-1] center, and driving our cutting-edge technology,” Golden said.