Kings County Supervisors adopt new computer system

HANFORD — Kings County supervisors voted unanimously this week to approve a new computer operating system for the Kings County Sheriff’s Office, hoping to give deputies a more modern platform.

Officials took their time evaluating the new software. They are seeking to avoid at repeat of a disastrous attempt to update the technology in 2008.

After the county paid $500,000 to SMART Public Safety Software, Inc. to revamp the system, the company failed to deliver, eventually going bankrupt.

The county was unable to recover the money and was left with outdated software.

This time, working with a Utah-based company called Spillman Technologies Inc., county officials put safeguards in place to help prevent another debacle.

Spillman will be paid in installments as the system is installed, with the biggest payment coming only after the software is successfully operating, said Deb West, assistant county administrative officer.

“In the previous system, there was a large up-front cost,” West said. “We, in essence, didn’t get our value.”