Finding Grant Funding in a Tough Economy

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Finding funding is harder this year than last year and it may be harder next year! There is rumored legislation that grant funding for local police and sheriff departments need to go. Vote out the politicians who support this crazy idea! (My own opinion and not a political endorsement.)

If you’re searching for grant funding, you may want to keep an eye out for funding sources while browsing online, flipping through professional journals,  and just reading newspapers and magazines. It is surprising what information you can find. Law enforcement grants are a niche all their own, but by using other resources these can lead you to different layers of granting. Take, for example, National Rifle Association Grants. They fund small requests ($100,000 and under) for equipment and will consider technology, armored vests, life-saving equipment, and training programs for youth under the direction of local sheriff and police departments. Recently, one agency was funded $50,000 for new radios through NRA grants. You never know what you can receive until you ask.

Look for family foundations. While you may not think that foundations will fund law enforcement needs, you may be surprised. It just takes a little work and a lot of digging, so to speak. Write to a foundation and ask them if they will help. Recently, a local police department received a grant from an obscure family foundation for the training of police dogs. You never know until you ask. When calling and asking about foundation opportunities, never, never ask for money upfront. You will need to write a good proposal and then plead your case.