Writing Grants for Federal Agencies: Step 1

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According to the CFDA, there are several parts to writing grants. Each part works with the other to make a good grant application come together.

Prepare. A good grant is one that is concisely packaged, thoroughly planned and very well-prepared. Read all the information listed in the program criteria and refer to the information contact person. Double-check with this contact to make sure funding is available and determine whether your agency qualifies. Learn the parameters in regards to page amounts, fonts, attachments, and due dates.

Check with the federal granting agency – each agency has its own rules and regulations in regards to grants. The basic requirements, as well as the grant forms, application forms, and procedures, vary from agency to agency and grant to grant.

If you are a first time grant writer, it is recommended that you attend a workshop to learn the particulars. There are so many rules that you can’t learn them all from the Internet or a text book. Read, listen, and ask questions.