Twenty-five agencies purchase Spillman, 59 expand systems in Q3

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Nov. 19, 2012 – Twenty-five public safety agencies purchased software from Spillman Technologies for the first time during the third quarter of 2012, joining the more than 1,000 public safety agencies in 36 states nationwide that already use Spillman software. In addition to the new agencies, 59 agencies expanded their existing Spillman systems.

In Ohio, five police departments and 14 fire departments will be sharing data on a Spillman system hosted by the Darke County’s Sheriff’s Office. These agencies will also use Spillman’s InSight to access data from other nearby agencies like Miami County 911, also a Spillman customer. With immediate access to other agencies’ name, vehicle, property, and law records, personnel on the Darke system in Ohio will be able to access up-to-the-minute information and improve investigations. By sharing one server, these agencies can gain the efficiencies of sharing hardware costs and entering record information only once.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is adding Spillman Touch® and the CompStat Dashboard module to their existing Spillman systems. Spillman Touch will allow agency personnel to access Spillman system records from any device with Internet connectivity, including smartphones and iPads. Spillman Touch also displays real-time call updates, allowing field personnel to stay informed of developments without tying up radio communications. The CompStat dashboard, part of Spillman’s Integrated Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP), is designed to help the sheriff’s office analyze trends in crime, quality-of-life, traffic, and accident data. The ability to pin-point public safety trends will allow the agency to make informed, proactive decisions about where to focus agency resources.

Spillman Technologies is a public safety software provider headquartered in Salt Lake City, serving more than 1,000 police departments, sheriff’s offices, communication centers, fire departments, and correctional facilities nationwide. Spillman specializes in integrated software solutions, including Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management Systems, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, Crime Analysis & CompStat, Jail Management Systems, Fire, Data Sharing, and Personnel & Resources. For more information about Spillman, visit

New sales:      

·         Ansonia Police Department, Ohio

·         Ansonia Volunteer Fire Department, Ohio

·         Arcanum Fire Department, Ohio

·         Arcanum Police Department, Ohio

·         Bradford Fire & Rescue Services, Ohio

·         Burkettsville Community Fire Department, Ohio

·         Fayette County Animal Control, Ga.

·         Gettysburg Rural Fire Department, Ohio

·         Greenville Fire Department, Ohio

·         Greenville Police Department, Ohio

·         Hollansburg Volunteer Fire Department, Ohio

·         Kings County Sheriff’s Department, Ca.

·         Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Fla.

·         Mandeville Police Department, La.

·         New Madison Community Volunteer Fire Department, Ohio

·         North Star Fire Department, Ohio

·         Osgood Community Volunteer Fire Department, Ohio

·         Pittsburg Fire Department, Ohio

·         Rossburg Fire Department, Ohio

·         Saratoga Springs Fire Department, Utah

·         Skokomish Tribal Police Department, Wash.

·         Union City Fire Department, Ohio

·         Union City Police Department, Ohio

·         Versailles Fire Department, Ohio

·         Versailles Police Department, Ohio

Add-on sales highlights:

·         Avondale Police Department, Ariz.

·         Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Wis.

·         Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, Wyo.

·         Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Nev.

·         Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Fla.

·         University of Medicine and Dentistry, N.J.

·         Utah County Sheriff’s Office, Utah

·         Waushara County Sheriff’s Office, Wis.