Agency Feature – Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, WA

In this month’s Spillman Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to one of Spillman’s customers. We used a random number generator to decide which of our more than 1,000 agencies to profile. Say hello to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. It is located in East Wenatchee, Wash. and was the 152nd customer to join Spillman. Answers were provided by Detective Sergeant Dave Helvey.

Spillman customer timeline for Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Agency Name: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Spillman customer since: 1993

Number of sworn officers: 27

Number of civilian employees: 7

Population served: 38,791

Location: The agency’s main office is in East Wenatchee, and we have offices in Waterville and Bridgeport.

Is your jurisdiction urban or rural? Our jurisdiction is primarily rural.  We contract with the small cities of Rock Island, Waterville, Mansfield, and Bridgeport for law enforcement services.

Tell us more about Douglas County. What makes your community unique? Clyde Pangborn, born in Bridgeport, Wash., and Hugh Herndon Jr. made the first  nonstop flight across the Pacific Ocean in 1931, landing on Fancher Field near East Wenatchee.

What kinds of public safety challenges do you face? Like many other agencies, we have been impacted by the economy. Fortunately, we have not faced layoffs, though have not been able to fill positions left by attrition. Because of the rural nature of most of our county, deputies often respond to emergency calls alone or with back-up a fair distance away.  We rely heavily on technology to provide deputies with information to increase their safety and the level of service we provide to our citizens.

Why did Douglas County Sheriff’s Office choose to go with Spillman for public safety software? The two key points for us were the integration of the software and the software’s search capabilities.

What is your favorite thing about the Spillman products that you use? I value the integration of the software and our ability to mine the data. We use Spillman to develop schedules for patrol, both for the times we need the most or least coverage and for the areas of the county where we need to concentrate patrol efforts.  In investigations, we mine data for all kinds of searches, usually when we are trying to identify a person or vehicle, or link crimes likely committed by the same person(s). I know we also use data in the system to prepare reports for our contract cities.

Spillman would like to thank Dave Helvey from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office for helping us get to know their agency a little better.