City Council to vote on police software package

The Greenville City Council plans to consider spending more than $875,000 to upgrade the software running on the computers in the Greenville Police Department.

A vote to authorize the purchase and entering an annual maintenance agreement with Spillman Technologies, Inc. is included under the agenda for tonight's regular session, starting at 6 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 2821 Washington Street. A work session is also scheduled for 5 p.m. today.

The contract is for a police records management software package, to be funded through Certificates of Obligation or through a capital lease purchase program.

In a memo to the council, Finance Director Cliff Copeland explained the City of Greenville currently uses New World Systems software application for Police Records Management.

“This software was initially purchased 13 years ago,” Copeland said. “The current version of New World Systems owned by the City is command line based software that is viewed as labor intensive and cumbersome to a workforce that has been able to use a graphical interface that empowers them to be more productive.” Copeland said that during the past 18 months, the police department's staff researched and determined a course of action for vetting Police Records Management Software.

“Participating personnel from Patrol, CID, Crime Analysis, Records, Dispatch, and Evidence Technician were used to evaluate the different software vendors,” Copeland said.

Four of the software vendors reviewed, including Spillman and New World, were invited to demonstrate their products.

“Spillman Technologies consistently demonstrated capabilities, efficiencies, and effective timeline for police, staff, citizens, and other stakeholders (i.e. software and hardware that will have to interact) that equaled or surpassed the other companies,” Copeland concluded, recommending the council approve a $350,298 expenditure for the Spillman Technologies software/hardware, as well as a $525,000 contract for annual maintenance for 10 years, for a total of $875,298 to be financed.