Extensive search for public safety software leads Lee County to Spillman Technologies

Dec. 20, 2012 – Lee County, Fla. After a year-long search process, Lee County Sheriff’s Office has chosen Spillman Technologies for computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile, and records management software (RMS).

The agency’s search for a new public safety software system included vendor demonstrations and on-site visits in Tennessee, Utah, and Florida.  Lee County Sheriff’s Office chose Spillman after seeing the software in action at Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, a Spillman customer since 1994.

“Spillman’s data integration and ease of use were key selling points. It’s a dynamic system that satisfies our CAD, mobile, and RMS software needs. Another plus is its capacity to meet the needs of the Lee County’s other first responders,” said Diana Blewis, Planning and Research Manager at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re excited at its potential for offering consolidated service, countywide cost savings, and improved backup and security.”

During the visit, Osceola County demonstrated how personnel from every department can utilize Spillman’s tightly integrated system to perform their jobs quickly, accurately, and efficiently. All Spillman data is entered into a central database, allowing users to immediately see connections between related data. Because Spillman provides a comprehensive solution to meet all of the agency’s needs, personnel will not have to open multiple programs for various tasks.

“With Spillman, everything is right there with a click of the button. If you look up a vehicle, you can click a link to see a related name record. You can also use the Involvements® feature to see visually how that name is related with other incidents and vehicles,” Blewis said. “This contrasts with our current process that requires at least three different databases and significantly more time to accomplish the same tasks.”

Spillman Technologies was also chosen for its customizable functionality. Each user can change icon size, font, color, and other features on the screen to fit their needs. Personnel can also choose to use a keyboard or a computer mouse to navigate the system.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office anticipates that its 1,535 full-time employees will begin using the Spillman system once it is up and running in the first quarter of 2014.