Can Anyone Receive a Grant?

Grant Binders

Yes, anyone can receive a grant, but you need to follow the rules and regulations and be eligible. The majority of grants are issued to non-profits such as colleges and universities, public schools, medical and research centers, and youth groups. You will always need to provide your 501 (c)(3) certificate or documentation that tells the grantors as well as the IRS that you are a legitimate non-profit organization.

You will have a very difficult time receiving a grant if you are an individual. However, when you are pursuing writing, music, or fine arts you may be the recipient of a small grant. There are absolutely no government grants for paying your mortgage, debts, or living expenses.

Receiving a federal grant for a law enforcement, criminal justice, or first responder agency requires you to follow all the outlines, be eligible, and write a grant to the best of your ability. There are times when your agency or community must be on a government list in order to even apply for a federally sponsored grant. Do not despair, however, because government agencies will fund your request if you are eligible, good at writing grants, and follow all rules and procedures. Make sure you know the parameters that are required and write your grant in a way that includes who, what, when, why and where. Contact a grant specialist if you need more help.